Victor Sinclair (ヴィクター・シンクレア?), a character created for the anime adaptation, is Winner's grandfather. He is voiced by George N. Cahill III


Victor sinclair

Victor Sinclair

Disgusted by his ancestor's seduction, which he blames for his family's exile from society, he holds a strong grudge against all vampires, particularly the Markers. An expert hunter and skilled fighter, his goal is to rid the world of the Markers and erase his family's shame. Though he recognizes that Winner only achieves his goal of becoming a vampire hunter, he has not forgotten that he did so only after Karin bit him. In the anime he accidently ripped Karin's breast top and exposed her breast and had a gigantic nosebleed.

At the end of the anime it is shown in a very decisive manner, however, that this 'goal' is born of delusion and general unhappiness with his life and possibly his harsh perceived destiny. Once a creative solution is applied to Victor's inner problems, he displays a much kinder personality.


Winner Sinclair is his grandson.