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Maki tokidou
Gender Female
Age: 16-18
Family: Unnamed Mother

Unnamed Father

Yuuji Kikuchi (boyfriend later husband)

Rick (previous pet, a dog)

Kai (current pet, a dog)

Seiyuu Mikako Takahashi
Voice Actor Hillary Blazer-Doyle
Race Human
Anime Debut Overflowing is Embarrassi

Maki Tokitou (時任 麻希 Tokitō Maki) is the best friend of Karin Maaka and has been since she saved her from a ditch while they were in middle school.

Description Edit

Maki has green hair which she always wears in a ponytail and generally wears casual clothes if she's not in her uniform. She is somewhat of a tomboy and has a spunky and vibrant attitude and gets over excitable about Karin's love life. Often times, after seeing Karin with Kenta Usui, she thinks about getting a boyfriend also.

Due to reading too much Shojo manga and "other" material, Maki tends have very dirty-minded guesses about Karin and Kenta's romance when they're actually holding off intimacy until marriage.

History Edit

Not much is knows about Maki's history except for the fact that she grew up with Karin and once nearly beat up a bunch of people who were laughing at her when she had her first nosebleed all over the floor at school.

She constantly fusses about Karin and Usui's relationship and is a source of comfort for Karin when she is feeling down.

In the extras she tries to help her childhood friend Yuuji Kikuchi find love, and later dates and eventually marries him.

Anime-exclusive events

In the Anime, she falls in love with Winner Sinclair, though rejected because of his love for Karin.


  • Maki thought Karin was having her period on the days Karin's blood increase made her ill.
  • Because of their friendship, Karin never attempted to bite Maki.
  • Se make a cameo appearances in episode 4 from Macademi Wasshoi!