Karin Maaka


Age: 16 (Beginning)
18 (Chapter 58)
30s (Epilogue)
Hair Color: Maroon


Voice Actor

Chelsea Curto (English),

Sayuri Yahagi (Japanese)


Vampire (Anime)

Spring of Psyche (Manga)

Affinity Unhappiness
Anime Debut Episode 1

Karin Maaka (真紅 果林, Maaka Karin)  is the main character of Chibi Vampire. She is 16 years old and a vampire. She has a younger sister, Anju Maaka, and an older brother, Ren Maaka. Her best friend is Maki. When Kenta Usui transfers to her school, she tries to avoid him, but later they become friends and she develops a crush on him.


Despite being a vampire Karin is considered a 'blood giver' or a 'Reverse Vampire' because of her massive nose bleeds (though she is later revealed to be a unvampire in the anime). She has these when her blood affinity (unhappiness) is not full filled (biting an extremely unhappy person). She has a kind personality but can also be shy at times. When she first began a need for blood she will often text her little sister first so that she may erase the memories of Karin's victims. This is seen when she sucks the blood of a man she found in the park in the first episode.

In the first episode she is seen as a young girl in a white dress and hat. She approaches a blonde haired boy standing on a dock. She is panting and her fangs start to grow. Her hat blows off and she begins to suck the boy's blood. He hugs her and when she is done he collapses to the floor.

It is later revealed that the boy on the dock (her first victim) was Winner Sinclair, who she later meets in the anime since he does not appear in the manga.


Although Karin gets her looks from her father's side of the family (she is the spitting image of her paternal grandmother, Elda Marker) she has inherited an ample bosom from her mother, much to the chagrin of the flat-chested Elda, who despises her daughter-in-law. In the anime, Karin's impressive chest size is instrumental in defeating a vampire hunter, the grandfather of Winner Sinclair, who faints at the sight of her exposed breasts whilst trying to kill her. Karin's chest is also the subject of some jealousy and teasing by her friend Maki.She is considered attractive and very cute.

Karin has only been about to use one of her vampiric powers once. When she was planning to bite Kenta's mother injecting her with her blood to make her happy but kept getting interrupted by other people and had to keep it in. When she was at her breaking point and couldn't hold her blood anymore had to let it out Kenta rescued her and took her somewhere private. Alone with Kenta she was about to inject him with her blood by pushing him to the ground with one of her vampiric powers but when she got on top of him she came to her senses.

Snapshot 2 (6-7-2013 4-10 PM)

Karin using a vampiric power to push Usui to the ground

Karin Maaka  (真紅 果林 Maaka Karin?) is descended from a long line of purebred vampires. However, instead of having to drink blood like normal vampires, Karin's body overproduces blood. Generally, once a month she reaches a point where she can no longer hold it in, and she must bite someone to inject them with her blood or else suffer from a massive nosebleed.[2] If Karin goes too long without biting someone and tries to hold her blood in, she enters a "berserker"-like state and aggressively attacks the first target she can find.[3] Being near a person suffering misfortune causes Karin's blood to increase ahead of schedule. Due to her unusual situation, Karin lives like a normal human rather than a vampire. She lives in the daylight, is not susceptible to common vampire weaknesses.[4] and lacks the skills normal vampires have. These differences cause her to be somewhat separate from her parents and older brother, whom she only sees for a few hours in the time before she goes to sleep (she spends more time with her younger sister Anju, who has not yet awakened as a vampire). In the first chapter Karin meets Kenta Usui and is dismayed that her blood increases around him. He has a lot of misfortune in his life. Karin resolves to do favors for him and thus reduce his misfortune and her blood problems around him. As the series progresses, Karin falls in love with Kenta.[3] He returns her feelings, though Karin is initially troubled to learn that human-vampire children are born sterile.[5
Karin looking strange


Karin Maaka is rendered unconscious for several days after trying to hold in her blood and suffering a massive nosebleed, during which time her family grows increasingly concerned that her condition would kill her. Her mother journeys to her birthplace in search of answers and learns that Karin is a rare vampire, called the "Spring of Psyche", that is born when the vampire species is struggling. The blood Karin produces can bestow fertility in other vampires.[6] Karin is later kidnapped by vampires who want to feed from her to rejuvenate their own lives, though it will kill Karin in the process. They also plan to impregnate Karin against her will to continue the Psyche's existence.[7] After Kenta and the Marker family save Karin from the Braunlichs, her nose-bleeding ceases, leaving her as though she were a normal human, who will likely grow old and die. Her family erases all of her memories of vampires, including themselves, promising Kenta that they will continue watching over her happiness although she will not know them. At the end of the series, Karin and Kenta have married and are shown to have a teenage daughter named Kanon.[8]

Kenta is Karin's first and true love. Karin gives her first kiss to Kenta and as well as her chastity to him. Likewise as Kenta to Karin.

In the anime adaptation, the blood-making issue and Karin's capture are not mentioned. Instead, Karin has the opportunity to become a full vampire, which she initially declines, but then pursues after Kenta encourages her. The transformation is interrupted and Karin goes berserk. Kenta comes to her rescue by volunteering to be bitten, ending the berserker rage, confirming their romantic relationship. at the end of the anime she is still "un-vampire", is still dealing with her blood-making issue, still has of all her memories and still lives with her family and spend lots of time with Kenta. In the anime television series, Karin Maaka is voiced by Sayuri Yahagi in Japanese and Chelsea Curto in English.

After graduating high school in the manga, her family alters her memory to believe she's human; they even prepared an apartment for her to live in. As a result of her new memories, Karin believes she's an only child and that her parents died. Not knowing that Kenta feels sorrow for her never seeing her family again, he promises to marry her; happy, she tells him he'd better make her happy. Soon after, they informed Fumio of their plans. However, she jumped to the conclusion they made the same mistake as her and Iizuka; Karin was then embarrassed into silence when Fumio asked about a due date. Karin and Kenta later surprised Maki and Yuuji about their engagement.

Three years later, Karin is sad on her birthday, but due to her memory being altered, she cannot recall why. She returns to her apartment to find Maki waiting for her, with Kenta arriving shortly afterwards from work; he even bought a cake for her. Karin decided to ignore the feeling bothering her, as she had a loving fiancee and great best friend to keep her from being lonely.

Some time before or around their 25 birthdays, Karin and Kenta got married and Karin fell pregnant with their child. She gave birth to their daughter Kanon Usui the following year. Karin noticed that Kanon could make practically anyone love her. While visiting her grandmother-in-law, Karin noticed Kanon had went missing and was worried about her. Unknown to her, Ren saved Kanon from Bridget Braunlick and returned her to Kenta.

As the years went by, Karin was distressed to see her daughter develop a 'daddy complex"; unknown to her, this was because Sophia held affection for Kenta and reincarnated into Kanon. Besides this, Karin loves her daughter very much.


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  • She was born in October 13, 1987.
  • To Karin's own surprise, she is almost an exact twin of her grandmother.
    • Because of that, her older brother, who was traumatized by Elda, took out all his resentment towards their grandmother on her by
  • Karin cannot keep more than one thought in her head at a time.
    • She is shallow-witted; in Volume 13, the best plan of escape Karin could think of was trying to pose as her grandmother to scare other vampires into letting her go.
  • Karin is a superb cook, often having even the simplist meal complimented.
    • Karin reveals she is only that good because she had to learn how to cook for herself as anything her mother cooked tasted terrible. (As adult vampires can't taste test what they cook, lacking a human sense of taste)
    • She cannot handle store-brand jam, so she makes her own.
  • The epilogue states she and Kenta are 39, when they should actually be 40.
    • That would mean she gave birth to her daughter in 2014, at the age of 26.
  • Karin saw a romance would blossom between herself and Kenta over the lunches she made for him; she tried to stop herself, but her empathy and compassion for his misery made her fall in love regardless.
  • In the epilouge, Karin is implied to be a housewife as she tells Kanon that Kenta works had to provide for them.
    • Humorously, Maki had suggested if Karin wasn't smart enough to get good grades in school, she could just be a housewife instead of looking for employment.
  • Nami Nanase from Keijo!!! have got the same style of hair that her
  • Moka Akashiya from Rosario + Vampire is similar to her, its to say a vampire loved by a human
    • She is also similar for being able to give her blood through bites.
  • Karin is similar to Seras victoria from Hellsing and Selene from Underworld it's to say a vampire loved by a human
  • Mavis from Hotel transylvania is similat to her is married with a human and have a child


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