James and Elda

James Edwards & Elda Marker

James Marker (ジェイムス・マーカー) was Elda Marker's husband and her grandchildren's paternal grandfather in the manga. He came to Japan under the name James Edwards (ジェイムス・エドワズ) but had adopted Elda's family name upon marrying her. When Elda awakened in the storyline, she discovered he had passed away in his sleep, apparently due to his reluctance during his lifetime to drink the blood of humans. He came to Japan to escape the church's vampire hunt and had ensured Elda Marker's well-being after her family was apparently lost.

James and Calera

James and Calera Armash

When he met Cecilia Armash he attempted to marry her but she was already in love with his friend, Daniel Braunlich. In the end, he settled for an agreement that Cecilia's daughter would marry him but in truth he only wanted the Armash bloodline and had already married Elda, leaving Cecilia's daughter Calera to marry his son, Henry, instead. Eventually, the Marker family discovered he had lied about his agreement with Calera after she visited her dying father. His spirit was later put into the body of a stuffed teddy bear Anju owned so they could find out more about Sophia and later given to Elda to keep her company at night.

His blood preference is young people.

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  • He is one of the only two named members of Edwards family.
  • Because he doesn't like harming humans, he rarely drank blood; as a result, he showed more aging than Elda before he went to sleep in 1987.