Edward Edwards (エドワード・エドワズ) was a vampire from the Edwardses. He was a younger brother of James Edwards' grandfather, hence his granduncle.
Ed & Sophia - c55 1

Ed and Sophia talking through the bars of her prison.

The Fountain of Life Edit

Ed & Sophia - c55 2

Sophia recalled Ed offer his help.

1000 years prior to the current timeline, the Psyche, Sophia Pistis, was imprisoned by the vampires for her ability to produce blood. To the Braunlich family and their supporters, according to Glark and Brigitte, Psyches and the Armash bloodline, which produced the Psyches, were just simply theirs, and whoever tried to intervene with the Psyche rituals would be treated as betrayers. The Braunlich elders entrusted the Edwards family look over those Psyche rituals.

Ed death - c57

Ed attacked by the bats.

Despite being an Edwards, Edward made a different move. He was seen in Sophia's memories to befriend with her and later offered to get her out of her prison. They made an attempt to escape, but Ed couldn't make it alive.