Cecilia Armash
First appearance Chapter 42 (Manga)
Last appearance Chapter 49 (Manga)
Seiyuu None
Voice Actor None
Race Vampire
Blood Preference Unknown

Cecilia Armash (セシリア・アルマーシュ) is the mother of Calera Marker, and grandmother to the Maaka siblings. She is deceased prior to the events of the manga, and is only shown in flashbacks.

Cecilia's clan have been kept under lock and key by the Braunlichs for generations due to their line having the unique trait of producing the Spring of Psyche once every thousand years when the vampire race is in danger of extinction. She and James arranged the marriage of Calera and Henry. When she sent Calera away, she made her swear to never come back to the Armash home for the sake of her happiness.


The Armashes (left to right): Daniel, Calera, and Cecilia.

During the flashbacks in which she is shown, Cecilia seems to be very fond of Elda Marker, though these feelings are not mutual. Anju gets her looks from Cecilia.

Cecilia does not appear in the anime.


  • While not outright dumb, Cecelia is slow to understand things.
    • Elda's dislike of her.
    • A gay vampire hitting on her during the migration to Japan.